10 Steps To Take After a Work Accident in Florida

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After a workplace accident, you may be unsure what you should and should not do. Taking the right steps following an injury can be crucial to your claim. That is why Trial Pro is here to help provide the insight and guidance you need. Our Florida workers’ compensation attorneys bring more than 100 years of collective experience to the table and know how to navigate these claims.

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Keep these key 10 steps in mind after your work accident:

  • Make sure your supervisor is notified of the accident and the accident is properly documented.
  • Fill out an incident report, or ask you employer to fill one out.
  • Seek medical attention as soon as practical. If possible, first ask your employer to provide you with medical care.
  • Call Trial Pro at 800-874-2577. It is important that the injured employee/client contacts us at the beginning of their case. Otherwise, you may lose valuable rights and cause your case irreparable harm.
  • Do not talk with the insurance adjuster or nurse case manager before you talk to us.
  • Do not allow your own health insurance to be billed for any medical appointments. Your workers' compensation insurance company should pay for your medical treatment.
  • Document any witnesses to the accident, including those who you reported the accident to (including names/positions).
  • Document your injuries and symptoms, taking pictures as soon as possible (as bruising and swelling can decrease in just a matter of days). Also photograph or otherwise document any unsafe working conditions that led to the accident.
  • Notify medical personnel when checking you in, that you were involved in a work related accident. Also, make sure you mention any and all symptoms associated with the accident. This will ensure that workers' compensation will accept responsibility for all work related injuries.
  • Do not perform work that is outside of your work restriction s as placed by any doctor.

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