Bimalleolar & Trimalleolar Fractures After An Accident

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Ankle Injury RepairThe upper ankle depends on the connection between three bones: the tibia, the fibula, and the talus. Severe trauma (either from falling from a height, car accidents, construction accidents, or common high-impact events) can shatter the lower end of the tibia and fibula—leading to a fracture of the malleolus.

To understand these injuries, you’ll need to understand some terms:

Bimalleolar fractures occur when the lateral and medial malleolus are fractured. Trimalleolar fractures involve the same injury with the additional fracture at the posterior malleolus (also known as the distal posterior aspect of the tibia), threatening the integrity of the joint and creating damaged ligaments. The trauma necessary for this sort of fracture can cause a host of injuries to the joint’s stability.

Fractures of this type require surgery to correct in an operation known as an “open reduction internal fixation.” Essentially, surgeons open up the ankle to surgically re-position the bones into their correct places—often holding them with pins and screws. Surgical repair means the ankle cannot be used at all during the healing time, which is around 6-12 weeks. If all goes well, your ankle should eventually be fully functional (however, studies suggest that full healing can take up to a year or more).

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