Dealing With Face & Head Fractures After an Accident

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One of the most severe bone injuries a person can suffer is a fracture to the face or skull. These injuries can inflict potentially long-term or permanent injury on the patient, especially when the skull fracture puts pressure on the brain or leads to cranial hemorrhaging.

Learn more about the risks and symptoms of skull fractures below.

The Types of Skull Fractures

The two major types of skull fractures are open and closed skull fractures. Most common facial fractures are maxillary, Le Fort, mandible and zygomatic fractures. These fractures are potentially life-threatening injuries that require immediate medical treatment. Most facial fractures are caused by car accidents, falls, or blunt trauma. Concussions often result from the same impact that caused the facial or head fracture.

Typical symptoms are:

Most of these fractures require surgical intervention as they will not heal on their own.

If Someone Else Caused Your Head or Facial Fracture

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