Frequently Asked Questions About Hurricane Damage Insurance Claims in Florida

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Here are the answers to the questions we hear the most often about filing an insurance claim for hurricane damage:

My property was damaged. What do I do first?

Find your insurance policy and follow the steps to report and file your claim.

What if I can't find my insurance policy?

If you can't locate your policy, report your damage to your agent with a phone call and an email. Your agent should help provide another copy of your policy, which may contain additional reporting requirements.

What information is required to report the loss?

Be prepared to describe the damage and explain as best you can what caused the damage to your property and when it happened. If your agent or a representative from your insurance company tells you that your loss is not covered, call us. Many times agents make honest mistakes when trying to interpret the language of a policy.

What should I do after I report the loss?

You should "mitigate your damages" by protect your property as best you can from further damage. Many insurance companies will actually reimburse you for these expenses. Please keep all receipts for these expenses. We also suggest that you photograph and videotape the damaged property.

How do I find the amounts of my coverage and deductible?

This information is summarized on the "Declarations Page," which provides the insurance coverage limits and the amount of your deductible.

How do I calculate my hurricane deductible?

In Florida, most insurance policies contain a hurricane deductible that is calculated on a percentage value of either to loss or the policy limits. You should refer to your policy to see which type you have.

How does the insurance adjuster decide if my claim is covered?

Insurance adjusters have legal obligation to adjuster your claim in good faith, which certainly requires them to follow state statues, regulations, and industry standards. While the determination of coverage is a judgment call by the insurer, they do not make the final decision. Many times we determine that insurance companies have unfairly denied a claim or undervalued a claim.

Must I cooperate with my insurance company a provide a sworn statement or "Examination Under Oath"?

Yes, but you may want to consult with an attorney first. Every insurance policy contains a formal obligation to cooperate with your own insurance company, which entails providing a sworn statement, also referred to as an Examination under Oath. During this examination, a representative from your insurance company is allowed to ask you questions about your damage and claim.

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