What Happens When You Have an Injury That Requires a Lumbar Laminectomy

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injuryIf you suffered injury to the spine after an accident, and your injury required lumbar laminectomy surgery, you may be entitled to compensation. At Trial Pro, we often see victims of car accidents, slip and fall accidents, etc. who require lumbar laminectomy surgery in conjunction with other spinal procedures to correct damaged discs. We are here to help these individuals seek compensation for their injuries and the medical care needed to treat them.

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About Laminectomy

injuryThe lamina is a posterior arch of the vertebral bone lying between the spinous process and the more lateral pedicles and the transverse process of each vertebra. A laminectomy performed as a minimal spinal surgery procedure is a tissue-preserving surgery that leaves more of the muscle intact and spares the spinal process. A lamina is rarely removed because it is diseased. It is removed to break the continuity of the rigid ring of the spinal canal to allow the soft tissues within the canal to expand, change the contour of the vertebral column, and permit access to deeper tissues inside the spinal canal. The recovery after a laminectomy is much shorter than an open surgery; typically it takes three months to return to normal activity.

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