Injured by Falling Merchandise in Florida?

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At department, retail, home improvement, and grocery stores open to the public, the stocking of items on shelves creates an ever present risk of falling merchandise. In some instances, it’s extremely difficult if not impossible for a customer to recognize that items are improperly stocked. Unfortunately, people are injured every day in businesses and retail establishments across Florida due to falling merchandise and other premises liability issues.

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Who Is Liable in These Cases?

The owners of the business property where those injuries occur have a legal duty to keep their businesses safe for their business invitees, including customers and employees. The business owners also have a legal duty to warn of any potentially dangerous conditions about which they are either aware or should be aware.

Where Do Such Accidents Commonly Occur?

Retail stores and businesses with a large amount of merchandise stacked over the heads of customers are common places where falling-merchandise injuries occur. We have represented people who had everything from cases of soda to lumber fall on them due to negligently stacked shelves.

Falling merchandise and other items are usually caused by:

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If you are injured at a store or business, you might very well have a premises liability case, which will allow you to recover monetary compensation for any resulting medical bills, lost income or earning capacity, disability and emotional distress, pain, and suffering.

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