Lisfranc or Midfoot Injury After an Accident

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Ankle Injury RepairJust before the metatarsal (toe) bones is a series of bones called the Lisfranc Joint Complex. These bones and ligaments form the area of the foot known as the midfoot, where the arch of your foot is formed. When the ligaments or bones of the midfoot are broken, it’s called a “Lisfranc fracture.” Lisfranc fractures are common to ankle sprains and trip-and-fall accidents, but they are not just ankle sprains. These injuries cannot be walked off and require months to heal, with surgery as a potential remedy.

The American Academy of Family Physicians lists the following as common causes of midfoot fracture:

If there are no fractures or dislocations in the joint and the ligaments are intact, non-surgical treatment is recommended with a non-weight bearing cast for 6 weeks. Surgery is recommended for all Lisfranc injuries with subluxation of the joints. The procedure is done with an internal fixation, wherein the bones are positioned correctly and held in place with plates or screws. This hardware is typically removed 3-5 months after the surgery.

The biggest risk to a patient with a Lisfranc fracture is poor self-diagnosis. People often confuse the foot pain for injuries associated with the sprained ankle—however, the fracture of the Lisfranc and its ligaments is a separate injury that requires careful care and weeks of rest. Without proper care, you run the risk of making yourself permanently unable to bear your own weight—posing a serious threat to your livelihood and quality of life.

The initial treatment and ongoing care for a Lisfranc fracture is costly—both in terms of time and finances. While your medical bills pile up, your ability to work might affected by the injury, hurting your income. As personal injury attorneys in Orlando, Trial Pro has seen our fair share of clients end up in medical debt due to a combination of time off work and high-cost treatment and therapy. Our goal is to make sure that debt is paid for by the people responsible.

The days immediately following your accident are crucial, so we take the necessary steps to protect your rights quickly. We take each case on a contingent basis, meaning that you do not make any payment unless your case is successful. Our friendly, sympathetic Orlando broken bone attorneys will walk you through every step to keep you informed and confident about your case.

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