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Our goal is to enable our clients to sit back and focus on recovery, knowing that the team at Trial Pro, P.A. has the experience and resources to effectively handle all the legal details involved in their case.

Case Results

  • $1,250,000.00

    This client switched attorneys to our firm after becoming dissatisfied with his current attorney and defendant’s “final” offer of $400,000.00. We literally took over the representation and recovered this significant sum within a few months. - Car Accident

  • $1,264,638.00

    Car Crash Trial Verdict - Our client suffered severe back injuries in a motor vehicle crash. Defendant only offered $12,000.00 claiming that his injuries were pre-existing. We hired several expert witnesses to help increase the value, and took the case through trial for this hard won and much deserved significant verdict for a great client. - Car Accident

  • $1,250,000.00

    Client hired trial pro after getting offer of 375k with another firm. Within months, trial pro had obtained all of the available insurance coverage of $1.25 million for our client. - Catastrophic Injury

  • $1,000,000.00

    Rear-end crash on I-4 in Central Florida - Car Accident

  • $950,000.00

    car accident case on I-4 in downtown Orlando that settled only after the initial Mediation by prior attorney was unsuccessful due to Defendants filing very low offers. We took over the case, stuck to our guns, and were able to get the case settled for $950,000 about one month after the initial unsuccessful mediation. - Car Accident

  • $950,000.00

    Our client slipped in the hallway of the office building where she worked. We were able to prove that the cleaning liquid on which she slipped had leaked onto the floor after being improperly stored by the cleaning company for the office. - Slip and Fall

  • $900,000.00

    Our client was involved a car accident caused by an uninsured driver. We demanded our client’s full coverage limits of $100,000.00 to resolve his uninsured motorist claim against his own insurance company. After his insurance company refused to tender the full amount, we sued and took them to trial where we obtained a verdict of 1.27 million. Rather than deal with prolonged appeals and a separate trial regarding our bad faith claims, the parties agreed to settle for $900,000.00 (not bad when there was only $100,000.00 in available coverage in the first place. - Bad Faith Insurance

  • $950,000.00

    Our client was killed when a theme park tour bus made a left turn into his path while he was riding his motorcycle. Defendant hired multiple experts who concluded our client was speeding. We were proud to make this substantial recovery to help provide for our client’s family. - Motorcycle Accident

  • $980,000.00

    Slip and fall on cleaning detergent on floor of office - Slip & Falls

  • $905,000.00

    Injuries suffered as result of theme park ride - Personal Injury

  • $800,000.00

    Our client was involved in a serious car accident that caused several herniated and bulging discs in her spine. Ultimately, she underwent a two level fusion. - Car Accident

  • $800,000.00

    Federal Tort Claims case in Naples against the U.S. Postal Service arising out of a local postal delivery truck hitting our client while he was riding a bicycle. His physical injuries were mostly to his shoulder, which resolved after he had surgery. The biggest component of his claim was his future lost wages as he was a commercial jet pilot who made a significant amount of money and had a great benefit package also. We were able to prove that he sustained a concussion in this crash that caused him to have migraine headaches that in turn, per FAA Guidelines, made him ineligible to fly as a commercial pilot due to his need to take headache medications that disqualified him from flying. Case settled prior to filing suit for $800,000. - Federal Tort Claim

  • $815,000.00

    Severe T-bone car crash after defendant ran stop sign - Car Accident

  • $750,000.00

    We helped our client, who was injured in 1986, achieve a settlement of $750,000 thirty years after her accident. While being represented by another attorney in the past, she settled the indemnity (lost wages) portion of her case for a very small amount of money. We structured the medical settlement in 2017, both providing for the client’s future medical needs and also substantially improving her financial condition. - Workers Compensation

We keep our clients informed on the status of their case throughout every step of case proceedings.

"When we switched over to Trial Pro, I felt as if my voice was heard. I felt as if the person who was taking care of my case really understood me, and understood my needs."

"I never really felt uneducated, or out of the loop which was key for me because I wanted to know it was going the right way, and it was."

"I would definitely come back to Trial Pro, because I can't even tell you the great experience I had. The comfort and the sense of the putting me at peace is priceless."

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As a firm, Trial Pro, P.A. is client-centered. We take great pride in being a trusted choice for victims of personal injury throughout Florida and work to maintain our track record of success. We take a proactive stance on each of our clients' cases and leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of justice on their behalf.

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Our Expert Melbourne Florida Personal Injury Attorney team has a history of successfully pressuring our defendants into settling a majority of our cases for maximum compensation, without a trial.

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Melbourne Florida Slip and Fall Attorney

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knowledgeable Injury Lawyers Handling a Wide Range of Personal Injury Lawsuits in Florida

Trial Pro P.A. is proud to advocate for accident victims all over the state of Florida. Our dedicated experienced personal injury attorneys handle a range of legal matters, from employment disputes to auto accidents claims. We can use our knowledge and legal skills to help you not only achieve a favorable outcome, but relieve the legal burden from your shoulders as well. Our entire team understands how challenging and confusing litigation can be, which is why we are here for you through every step of the process.

Unsafe conditions or unaddressed hazards can quite easily create somebody to slip or trip and also fall, and also can cause severe injuries, traumatic brain injury, and even death. Slip & fall accidents can happen anywhere and also at any time and can usually cause all types of complex injuries. Flight terminals, hotels and resorts, pizzerias, food stores and also shopping malls are just a few examples of a few of the locations in which these unfortunate incidents can take place. A slip and fall accident can additionally create significant economic stress and anxiety as medical expenses accumulate and the injured person can't function.

Common Reasons For Slip and Fall Injuries in Brevard County, Florida

A home, establishment or various other buildings can have any number of risky conditions. Some conditions that might cause you to be injured in a slip and fall injury case are:

  • Slippery or Damp Floors
  • Unequal or Busted Sidewalks
  • Broken or Poorly Built Staircase
  • Stairwells or Hallways with Inadequate Lights
  • Loose Hand Rails
  • Buildings with entries and exits that do not have Handicapped Easy Access
  • Improperly created or maintained Parking Area or Walkway Ramps.
  • Improperly Aligned Elevators Escalators
  • Missing Warning Signs - Wet Floor Signs
  • Swimming Pool Safety and Security Neglect
  • Uneven Pool Decks

Our slip and fall lawyers in Brevard County, Fl comprehend premises liability regulation as well as Florida Law and statutes that impact your slip and fall accident case.

knowledgeable Melbourne Florida Slip And Fall Accident Legal Professionals Who Know How to Succeed In Tough Suits

Are you trying to find a Slip And Fall Accident Law Office near you? If you are hurt, we understand you may not be capable to drop by our offices. Let us come to your place!

Trial Pro, P.A. works with Floridians in a variety of personal injury law matters. Our practice areas include all forms of personal injuries; motor vehicle collisions, motorcycle accidents, wrongful death lawsuits, slip-and-fall injuries, truck accidents, construction accidents and workers compensation accidents. With offices in Orlando, Tampa, Naples, Brevard County, Melbourne and Fort Myers. Trial Pro, P.A. provides strategic guidance and counsel to clients in areas like Sebastian, Indian River Shores, Mintons Corner, Port Canaveral, Bonaventure, Cocoa and all over Florida. Contact our law firm for a completely free and confidential discussion of your case.

Property owners, residential property managers, and commercial business owners are bound by law to keep their premises secure for visitors. The sad thing is, many don't meet that responsibility. Every year, great numbers of individuals trip and fall on someone else's property in Melbourne Florida, FL. These premises liability injuries can have damaging effects.

Our firm has represented hundreds if not thousands of people who have been hurt due to a slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accident on another individual's house or at a place of business. In our 100+ years of combined practice, Trial Pro, P.A. has recovered millions of dollars for personal injury parties.

Slip and fall injury claims can be challenging to substantiate considering that it can be hard to prove who was liable for the personal injury. Most slip and fall claims turn on whether someone acted negligently. To prove negligence on the part of the landlord, your lawyer must demonstrate that the unfortunate incident was caused by a harmful condition on the property, and also the owner knew or should have known about the problem. An unsafe condition can be described as an unreasonable hazard to the visitors that they should not have foreseen. An experienced slip and fall legal professional will know how to examine the evidence for these aspects and composed the strongest possible claim for compensation.

Need to File a Slip And Fall Accident Claim? Talk with our Expert Melbourne Florida Slip And Fall Accident Attorneys To Learn About How We Can Help, Call us without delay - 800-874-2577

"Slip and fall" injuries and "trip and fall injuries" are some of the most common kind of accident that takes place in a retail store or local business. Most upsetting, however, is that the majority of these unfortunate incidents could have been easily prevented with the proper amount of assessment and routine maintenance by the store business owners and employees.

At Trial Pro, we have seen the high cost of property owner negligence. Slip and fall personal injuries can result in substantial damages, lengthy hospital stays costly therapy, lifelong physical soreness, and even wrongful death. That's too high a price for any injured person to pay.

Business owners have a responsibility to keep up their property in a reasonably risk-free condition. Because of this, we strongly believe commercial properties should routinely check their floor surfaces for debris, spilled liquids, and various other slip-trip hazards. Our firm also strongly believes that businesses should without delay, clearly, and obviously warn unwary individuals of any hazardous conditions until they are cleaned up or repaired.

Of course, there are all kinds of slip and fall or premises liability incidents. People can suffer devastating injuries by slipping down faulty stairs, tripping on wet surfaces, drowning in a swimming pool, getting burned in a fire or explosion, suffering injuries from a broken window, getting bitten by a pet dog, enduring personal injuries from a roof cave-in or from being robbed or attacked as a result of very poor security. Hazardous conditions can occur in any type of open space or premises. Devastating accidents often take place at shopping malls, food stores, federal government facilities, retail establishments, theatres, apartments, and perhaps even residential places.

Every year, countless individuals are injured in a slip and falls all over Fla. It can be tough for these injury victims to verify who is responsible for the injury. In some instances, those who are hurt are completely or to some extent liable for the injury. Many other times, the residential or commercial property owner or its team members are entirely liable. This is due to the fact that the residential or commercial property owner has the duty to maintain the property fairly clear of hazards that could injure guests. A knowledgeable slip and fall attorney will see many different types of cases and can accurately analyze responsibility in your slip and fall lawsuit. One primary indicator of fault is whether or not the property owner took appropriate steps to maintain the property free from danger.

If your slip and fall personal injury in Melbourne Florida led to bone fractures, bruising, head injuries, brain trauma, discolorations, sprains, aches, or other health-related issues, contact an attorney. These personal injuries give you grounds to file a claim against the neglectful property owner and/or other parties. One of our lawyers will be more than happy to investigate your recent fall accident, identify the suitable defendant( s), and start acting toward getting compensation. You might be eligible to recover the following damages:

  • Health care invoices
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering damages
  • Emotional distress
  • Disability expenses

Whenever you or a loved one has experienced a slip and fall injury because of the residential or commercial property owner negligence, the law is on your side. But the law is not enough. You at the same time need an experienced legal professional who will relentlessly seek justice on your behalf. While Trial Pro, P.A. can't make property owners provide a safe environment, we will ensure they are held fully responsible for their actions.

Our Melbourne Floridan injury attorneys are skilled in tort lawsuits and have been acknowledged by our peers for our success. Several of our lawyers have been classified as Super Lawyers and distinguished litigators for their victories on behalf of our clients.

We Do Not Get Paid Unless You Do

At Trial Pro, P.A., our trip and fall accident lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. This means our firm covers the expenses of investigating, constructing, negotiating, and litigating your case. We do not charge you a thing unless our attorneys recover compensation on your behalf. If we don't win your claim, you will pay us completely nothing.

Our Melbourne Floridan injury lawyers also provide no charge assessments to review the details of your case and establish if you have a case. Schedule a Free Assessment

If you or someone you love has been injured because of someone else's negligence or neglectfulness, you need a prestigious attorney by your side who is knowledgeable with the statutes and regulations in FL.

We have recovered desirable judgments and settlements that were instrumental in enabling our clients to recover from their injuries or the loss of a loved one. Let us help you recover the maximum amount of compensation you deserve for your injuries.

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