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Orlando Slip and Fall Attorney

Orlando Slip and Fall Attorney

After experiencing an slip and fall accident in Orlando, the last thing you desire is to have an attorney at hand that doesn't know how to represent you adequately. You want a reputable Orlando law firm that will fearlessly fight to acquire optimal compensation on your behalf. That is precisely what Trial Pro, P.A. does. Our Orlando lawyers hold a strong reputation for winning cases, and we do everything in our hands to deliver the results you're expecting.

Orlando Slip and Fall Attorney

At Trial Pro, P.A., our expertise extends deeply into the intricacies of Florida's legal framework, particularly concerning slip and fall cases. These incidents are governed by a legal doctrine known as premises liability. In the Sunshine State, this doctrine mandates that property owners and those occupying properties - be it businesses, landlords, or homeowners - have a legal duty to ensure their premises are safe and free from hazardous conditions. It isn't just about keeping an aesthetically pleasing environment; it's about safeguarding the well-being of every individual who sets foot on the property. Whether it's a wet floor in a supermarket, a faulty staircase in an apartment building, or an uneven sidewalk outside a retail store, if these hazards lead to an injury, the property owner or occupier could be held liable. The underlying principle is straightforward: those who own or control properties in Florida must take reasonable measures to protect visitors from foreseeable harm. At Trial Pro, P.A., with our robust track record of recovering hundreds of millions for slip and fall victims in Orlando and beyond, we're deeply committed to upholding this principle, ensuring that negligent parties are held accountable and that victims receive the justice they rightfully deserve.

Types of Damages You Could Recover from a Personal Injury Case in Orlando

Navigating the aftermath of a personal injury, particularly a slip and fall, can be daunting. At Trial Pro, P.A., our experience in Orlando's legal landscape has given us a keen understanding of the potential damages victims may be entitled to. In personal injury cases, compensatory damages aim to make the injured party "whole" again. These damages can be categorized as:

  1. Economic Damages: These represent tangible financial losses such as medical bills (both past and future), lost wages due to time off work, and any decreased earning capacity resulting from the injury. It may also cover costs for rehabilitation, medication, or necessary assistive devices.

  2. Non-Economic Damages: These are intangible losses that don't have a direct monetary value but impact the quality of life. They encompass pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of companionship or consortium, and any reduction in life enjoyment due to the injuries sustained.

  3. Punitive Damages: While not always awarded, these are meant to punish the at-fault party for particularly egregious or reckless behavior and deter similar future conduct. In Orlando and Florida, specific criteria must be met for punitive damages to be considered.

  4. Property Damages: If personal property (like jewelry or clothing) is damaged during the accident, compensation for repair or replacement might be included.

Remember, each personal injury case is unique, with its circumstances and resulting damages. Our dedicated team at Trial Pro, P.A. is here to meticulously evaluate your case, ensuring that every potential avenue for compensation is explored. Our primary goal is to see our clients justly compensated for the full scope of their losses, a commitment underlined by the hundreds of millions we've recovered for injured victims in Orlando.

Orlando Slip and Fall Attorney

Factors That Can Cause Slip and Fall Accidents

At Trial Pro, P.A., our dedication to representing injured victims in and around the Orlando area has given us unique insight into the myriad factors that can lead to slip and fall accidents. It is essential to recognize that while the results of such accidents can be painful and life-altering, their causes often stem from preventable circumstances. Greater awareness of these factors is the first step towards reducing their occurrence, and this is imperative for businesses, property owners, and residents of Orlando and its neighboring areas such as Winter Park, Altamonte Springs, Ocoee, and Kissimmee.

1. Wet and Uneven Surfaces: Perhaps the most common culprits are wet, oily, or otherwise slick surfaces. This can arise from recent cleaning, spills, or weather conditions, especially during Florida’s frequent rainstorms. Beyond just wet floors, uneven surfaces, loose floorboards, or unsecured carpets can also pose significant risks. Areas like downtown Orlando, with its bustling shops and restaurants, are especially prone to these hazards.

2. Poor Lighting: Insufficient lighting can obscure tripping hazards, especially in places like Altamonte Springs parking lots or stairwells in Winter Park's older buildings. Even a minor floor irregularity can become a significant risk without proper illumination.

3. Cluttered Walkways: An unorganized environment can be a minefield for slip and fall accidents. Whether it's the aisles of a store in Ocoee or the hallways of an office in Kissimmee, items left in pathways, cords, or even trash can result in unexpected obstacles for the unwary pedestrian.

4. Faulty Staircases: Broken or uneven steps, missing handrails, or poorly maintained staircases can lead to severe injuries. These factors can be particularly prevalent in older historical buildings, like some found in Winter Park.

5. Poorly Marked Changes in Elevation: A small step can be a significant hazard if not adequately marked. Whether it's an entryway in a shop on Orlando's International Drive or a public building in Altamonte Springs, sudden changes in floor elevation should be indicated.

6. Lack of Warning Signs: Especially in places where hazards might be temporary – such as wet floors due to cleaning or spills in malls or supermarkets – the absence of warning signs can be a direct invitation for an accident. It's crucial for establishments, especially in busy areas like downtown Orlando, to notify visitors promptly of potential risks.

7. Weather Conditions: Florida’s climate is prone to sudden rainstorms, especially in areas like Orlando and its nearby towns. This can slippery outdoor surfaces like sidewalks, parking lots, or entrances. Businesses and public spaces like Ocoee and Kissimmee need to ensure proper drainage and surface materials to minimize these risks.

8. Inadequate Training: Employees, particularly in areas like retail or hospitality, need proper training to handle spills, clutter, or other hazards efficiently. A lack of training can mean that even if a hazard is identified, it might not be addressed promptly, as one might occasionally witness in busy establishments near Orlando's tourist hotspots.

9. Footwear: Though it might seem personal to the individual, inappropriate footwear can sometimes contribute to slip and fall accidents. It's essential to consider this, especially in workplaces where specific footwear can reduce risks.

10. Structural Issues: Over time, buildings and pathways, especially in older communities around Orlando, can develop structural problems. Cracked sidewalks in Winter Park, uneven pavements in Altamonte Springs, or deteriorating decks in Ocoee can all become potential hazards if not addressed in time.

While the diverse and vibrant areas surrounding Orlando, including Winter Park, Altamonte Springs, Ocoee, and Kissimmee, offer residents and visitors many experiences, they also come with varied environments where slip and fall accidents can occur. At Trial Pro, P.A., we believe in the power of awareness, proactive prevention, and, when necessary, robust legal representation to ensure that such accidents are minimized and that victims receive the justice they deserve. Slip and fall accidents are more than mere mishaps; they often result from negligence that demands accountability.

Orlando Slip and Fall Attorney

Types of Injuries That May Result from a Slip and Fall Accident

Slip and fall accidents, often underrated in the grand scope of personal injury scenarios, have the potential to cause severe and life-altering injuries. At Trial Pro, P.A., our extensive experience in representing victims of these accidents has allowed us to witness the wide spectrum of injuries that can be sustained from what might initially seem like a minor mishap. Understanding these types of injuries is essential not only for the victims but also for property owners, businesses, and the general public to be aware of the consequences and take the necessary preventative measures.

1. Soft Tissue Injuries: One of the most common outcomes of a slip and fall incident is a soft tissue injury. This category includes sprains, strains, and tears in muscles, tendons, or ligaments. While some soft tissue injuries might present immediate pain or swelling, others may not show symptoms for days or weeks. Though they may seem less severe, if left untreated, these injuries can lead to chronic pain and complications.

2. Cuts and Abrasions: Depending on the environment and circumstances of the fall, victims might suffer from cuts, scrapes, or abrasions. These injuries can occur on various parts of the body, but the arms, legs, face, and head are commonly affected. Besides the immediate pain and bleeding, there's a risk of infections if the wounds aren't properly cleaned and treated.

3. Broken Bones: The sudden impact of a fall can easily lead to fractures, especially in the wrists, arms, hips, or ankles. Elderly individuals are particularly susceptible due to osteoporosis and other age-related bone weaknesses. A fracture can severely hinder one's mobility and quality of life, requiring extensive treatment, potential surgeries, and prolonged physical therapy.

4. Head Injuries: Arguably, among the most severe consequences of a slip and fall are traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). When an individual's head hits the ground or another object during the fall, the brain might get jostled within the skull, leading to concussions or, in more severe cases, serious brain damage. Symptoms can range from headaches, dizziness, and nausea to cognitive impairments and emotional disturbances. TBIs can have long-lasting and even permanent effects on a person's life.

5. Spinal Cord and Back Injuries: The spine is particularly vulnerable to falls. A sudden jolt or twist can result in herniated discs, fractured vertebrae, or even spinal cord injuries. Depending on the severity, these injuries can lead to chronic pain, limited mobility, or, in the worst cases, paralysis.

6. Hip Fractures: Especially prevalent among the elderly, hip fractures are a severe and often debilitating consequence of slip and fall accidents. They almost always require surgery, followed by extensive rehabilitation. For some older adults, a hip fracture can lead to a downward spiral in health, making it one of the most feared injuries in this demographic.

7. Shoulder Injuries: A fall might result in a brachial plexus injury, which affects the network of nerves connecting the spinal cord to the shoulder, arm, and hand. This type of injury can lead to intense pain, numbness, and weakness in the affected arm, requiring surgery and physical therapy for recovery.

8. Psychological Injuries: Beyond the physical, victims of slip and fall incidents might also suffer from psychological traumas. The experience can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety, and a fear of falling again. These emotional and mental scars can be just as debilitating as physical ones.

The implications of a slip and fall accident are vast and multifaceted. It's not just about the immediate pain or visible wounds but also about the long-term effects, some of which might remain hidden for extended periods. At Trial Pro, P.A., we firmly believe in the importance of understanding these injuries, advocating for victims' rights, and ensuring they receive the compensation they deserve for their suffering. Slip and fall accidents aren't just minor inconveniences; they can be life-changing events that demand attention, care, and legal expertise.

Orlando Slip and Fall Attorney

At Trial Pro, P.A., we understand the profound impact a slip and fall accident can have on your life, from medical expenses and lost wages to the emotional trauma of the incident. That's why we're committed to ensuring that every victim has access to top-tier legal representation, regardless of their financial situation. If you or a loved one has been injured due to a slip and fall incident in the Orlando area, we encourage you to contact our dedicated team of experts for a free consultation. This initial meeting allows our seasoned Orlando slip-and-fall lawyers to evaluate the specifics of your case, provide invaluable guidance on your potential claims, and map out the best path forward to secure the justice and compensation you deserve. Our track record of recovering hundreds of millions of dollars for injured victims speaks to our dedication and expertise. So don't wait – ensuring your rights are protected begins with a simple, no-obligation conversation. Schedule your free consultation today, and let us stand by your side, advocating for your rights and championing your cause.

Orlando Slip and Fall Attorney

Property owners, property managers, and commercial business owners are bound by law to keep their premises safe for visitors. Unfortunately, some don’t live up to that responsibility. Each year, thousands of people slip and fall on someone else’s property in Florida. These premises liability accidents can have devastating consequences.

We have represented hundreds if not thousands of people who have been injured as a result of a slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accident on another person’s property or at a place of business. In our 100+ years of combined practice, Trial Pro has recovered millions of dollars for injury victims.

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Causes of Dangerous Slip & Fall Accidents

“Slip and fall” injuries and “trip and fall injuries” are the most common type of accident that occurs in a store or business. Most disturbing, however, is that most of these accidents could have been easily prevented with the correct amount of inspection and maintenance by the store owners and employees.

Orlando Slip and Fall Lawyer

The most common causes of slip-and-fall and trip-and-fall injuries are:

  • Slippery or wet floors
  • Uneven, cracked sidewalks
  • Objects such as food items or debris on the ground
  • Negligently stacked display shelves
  • Broken or cracked tile/flooring
  • Bulky, wrinkled carpets or rugs
  • Problems with automatic doors or elevators
  • Oil spills in parking lots
  • Unsafe product displays
  • Potholes in parking lots

At Trial Pro, we have seen the high price of property owner negligence. Slip and fall accidents can result in serious injuries, long hospital stays, costly treatment, lifelong physical pain, and even wrongful death. That’s too high a price for any victim to pay.

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Holding Negligent Property Owners Accountable

Business owners have a responsibility to maintain their property in a reasonably safe condition. As such, we believe businesses should routinely inspect their floors for debris, spilled liquids, and other slip-trip hazards. We also believe that businesses should promptly, clearly, and obviously warn unsuspecting customers of any dangerous conditions until they are cleaned or repaired.

Questions About Your Slip and Fall Accident?

If you or a loved one has experienced a slip and fall accident due to property owner negligence, the law is on your side. But the law is not enough. You also need an experienced attorney who will relentlessly pursue justice on your behalf. While Trial Pro can’t make property owners provide a safe environment, we will make sure they are held fully accountable for their actions.

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Orlando Slip and Fall Attorney
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Orlando Slip and Fall Attorney

With more than a century of collective legal experience and a commitment to hard work, excellence, and integrity, we have recovered millions of dollars in damages on behalf of our clients.
Our goal is to enable our clients to sit back and focus on their recovery, knowing that the team at Trial Pro, P.A. has the experience and resources to effectively handle all of the legal details involved in their case.

Orlando Slip and Fall Attorney
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By putting our knowledge and legal experience into action, we can assist you to obtain a positive outcome, and at the same time ease the stress associated with the legal process off your shoulders. We, at Trial Pro, P.A., are known for our long-standing reputation for our ability to achieve real success for our clients. We will take on the responsibility of fighting for you in a wise and aggressive manner, and we will do it with your best interests in mind.

Orlando Slip and Fall Attorney
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When you are involved in an auto accident, we understand that it can be a frustrating and scary time, but we promise you that our commitment to you is genuine. Our injury lawyers at Trial Pro, P.A. give you more than you expect from them. We will always strive to meet your expectations by doing everything we can to make them a reality.

Orlando Slip and Fall Attorney
Slip and Fall Accidents

It is our objective to make our clients relax and concentrate on the healing process, knowing that the legal professionals at Trial Pro, P.A. possess the necessary skills and resources to handle the legal and financial complexities of their cases in a professional manner.

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Orlando Slip and Fall Attorney

Orlando Slip and Fall Lawyer

After experiencing an accident, the last thing you desire is to have an attorney at hand that doesn’t know how to represent you adequately. You want a reputable law firm that will.

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We put our knowledge and legal abilities into action to assist you to attain a positive outcome and ease the legal stress from your shoulders simultaneously. Trial Pro, P.A., holds a reputation for achieving real success for clients. Please leave it to us to fight wisely but aggressively. 
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When you are involved in an auto accident, we understand that it can be a frustrating and scary time, but we promise you that our commitment to you is genuine. Our injury lawyers at Trial Pro, P.A. give you more than you expect from them. We will always strive to meet your expectations by doing everything we can to make them a reality.
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Orlando Slip and Fall Attorney
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