Stress Fractures After an Accident

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Ankle Injury RepairStress fractures are miniscule cracks or bruises in your bones caused by repetitive stress and overuse. Athletes and people with physically-demanding careers commonly suffer from stress fractures, as these are careers with high levels of repetitive walking, jumping, or running. Stress fractures on their own are painful and prone to swelling, but can also lead to an overall bone weakness in your feet or legs.

Low-risk stress fractures require the RICE treatment to heal:

Treatment varies depending on the location of the fracture and its severity. Most stress fractures require only rest and limited activity. Crutches are recommended to keep weight off the foot until the pain subsides. Some stress fractures do require surgery and in most cases, this involves supporting the bones by inserting a type of fastener, otherwise known as an internal fixation. Pins, screws and plates hold the bone together during the healing process.

Orthopedic doctors and sports medicine specialists recommend cross-training or finding a way to use a different motion to reduce overuse of your limbs—but for construction workers or industrial employees, that may not be an option. The best option is to simply allow your fracture to heal, which may eat into your wages—especially if you don’t know how to prove that your injuries resulted from your job in order to secure workers’ compensation.

Affording Treatment for Stress Fractures from Work or Accidents

If your stress fracture resulted from an injury or from the nature of your job, please contact Trial Pro as soon as possible after your injury. The days immediately following discovery of your injuries are crucial and we will take the necessary steps to protect your rights.

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