The Trial Pro Philosophy

We Believe in Compassionate Counsel

The expert personal injury attorneys at Trial Pro do not merely accept “the last best offer.” We do not shy away from hard work, and we care greatly about getting top dollar for each individual client. We give our clients our undivided dedication, best efforts, and full commitment—whether handling a slip and fall, car accident, or wage dispute.

As a result, we generate repeat business, numerous satisfied client referrals, and have many clients switch to us away from other firms that they have been dissatisfied with. We are never scared to go to trial and believe that our zealous nature, experience, and willingness to handle tough cases often leads to very favorable settlements without the need or expense of trial. However, we never prematurely settle a case to make a quick buck. From the investigation to the final arguments, we do everything in our power to secure optimal compensation for our clients.

Simply put, you worry about getting better, and we’ll worry about everything else.

Putting Our Passion to Work for Others

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The seasoned legal team at Trial Pro, P.A. has a genuine passion for law and helping others. We never go for the quick easy settlements, and we look for every opportunity to increase the value of our clients’ cases. Our clients are never “just another client”, another face, a file number, or not important enough for our absolute focus and attention.

To the contrary, our attorneys depend on our relationships with every individual. Not only do we care about helping those in distress, but each one of our clients represents an opportunity for us to make a good impression so that he or she will speak well of us in the community. Each client also represents an opportunity to further strengthen our reputation in the community and to teach the insurance companies a lesson. Every case, no matter how big or how small, represents its own battle for us to win.

Our Team of Florida Trial Attorneys & Staff

We invite every client to meet with an attorney personally throughout our representation. We are always happy to answer your questions about your case as well as about our experience and results. We know that this process can be very difficult for people coping with injuries, and one of our primary goals is to always be compassionate and to make the process as easy and stress-free for our clients as possible.