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At Trial Pro, we use investigators to increase the value of your case. Our experienced, professional investigators are brought on whenever they can benefit our clients’ case.

In an effort to return to normalcy, the parties involved in an accident often attempt to repair their vehicles as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the parties may make it more difficult to obtain photographs that accurately depict the extent of the property damage or indicate the cause of the accident. That is why we. employ skillful investigators to photograph the damage to all the vehicles involved in an accident within only a few days to ensure the evidence is properly recorded.

The Power of Pictures in Your Case

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The expression, “A picture is worth a thousand words” is particularly pertinent to auto accident cases. A mechanic’s bill for automobile repair may help to persuade a jury or an insurance adjustor that the accident involved a moderate or severe impact. A picture, however, is much more persuasive as the jury can see for themselves the devastating effect of the collision. A jury or an insurance adjustor may better comprehend the seriousness of our client’s injuries when they are able to see firsthand the damage done to one or both vehicles involved in the accident.

Make sure your personal injury attorney has the resources and connections to hire the appropriate expert witnesses when necessary to help maximize the value of your case. Our investigators have the potential to greatly increase the value of accident cases—unfortunately, not many other law firms utilize such an asset.

Careful Documentation of the Accident Scene

The investigators employed by our office are trained to not only document property damage, but to also photograph the accident scene as well. These photographs allow our office to accurately depict or recreate the accident to a jury or insurance adjuster. These photographs can help illustrate to a jury the scene of the accident, how weather conditions potentially played a factor in visibility, road conditions, and vantage points for the parties involved in a collision, and they provide a complete context for your claim.

Occasionally, after reviewing photographic evidence, we determine it is strategically advantageous to not use the information and photographs provided by our investigators. All of the photographs and evidence collected by our investigators remain protected by the “attorney work product” doctrine. Therefore, we are generally not legally required to provide the information and photographs to the defense attorneys.

Obtaining Witness Statements

Our investigators also play an important role in our cases by helping obtain witness statements. Automobile accidents often involve allegations by both parties that the other is at fault. It is not uncommon for both parties to claim the other ran a red light or stop sign. In such a “he said she said” situation, it becomes very important for your case to obtain witness statements from “independent” witnesses as soon as possible. An independent witness is someone who saw the events leading up to an accident, but was not personally involved. The statements from these independent witnesses can be extremely helpful when trying to convince a jury who is legally responsible for an automobile accident.

The investigators employed by Trial Pro strengthen your case by taking recorded statements from witnesses when possible or interviewing witnesses and providing our office with an affidavit paraphrasing the witnesses’ statement. It is important to obtain witness statements as soon as possible after an automobile accident. By doing so our office ensures the witness remembers as many details of the accident as possible.

Our Team of Florida Trial Attorneys & Staff

We invite every client to meet with an attorney personally throughout our representation. We are always happy to answer your questions about your case as well as about our experience and results. We know that this process can be very difficult for people coping with injuries, and one of our primary goals is to always be compassionate and to make the process as easy and stress-free for our clients as possible.