What You Need to Know About Ankle & Foot Injuries After An Accident

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injuryWith 26 bones and a network of soft cartilage holding it all together, foot injuries are susceptible to severe damage. Sudden impact (like a falling from a height or a car accident) or severe joint damage (common to slips and falls) can cause fractures, sprains, and strains. These injuries can worsen over time if the injured person doesn’t receive proper treatment.

Part of what causes prolonged foot injury is their constant use. Our entire body weight relies on the network of bones and cartilage in our feet—even a slight fracture can limit a patient's mobility for 6-12 weeks. If someone continues walking around on an injured foot, the constant strain could lead to poor or delayed healing.

The most common foot and ankle injuries include:

Trial Pro has devoted a whole page to most of these injuries to provide more details about how they occur, what the injury actually entails, and what you can do to get the medical care you need. We don't realize how much our lives depend on healthy and functional feet—without mobility, we often lose the ability to work or get around as effectively, which affects our lives and livelihoods.

Achilles Tendon Tear

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