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Lake Mary Truck Accident Attorney

After experiencing an accident in Orlando, the last thing you want is to have an attorney at hand that doesn't know how to represent you adequately. You want a reputable Orlando law firm that will fearlessly fight to acquire maximum compensation on your behalf. That is precisely what Trial Pro, P.A. does. Our Orlando lawyers hold a strong reputation for winning cases, and we do everything in our power to deliver the results you're expecting.

Lake Mary Truck Accident Attorney
Lake Mary Truck Accident Attorney
Lake Mary Truck Accident Attorney
Lake Mary Truck Accident Attorney
Lake Mary Truck Accident Attorney

Trial Pro P.A. is proud to advocate for truck accident victims all over the state of Florida, including our office in Lake Mary. Our dedicated experienced personal injury attorneys handle a range of legal matters, from employment disputes to auto accidents claims. We can use our knowledge and legal skills to help you not only achieve a favorable outcome, but relieve the legal burden from your shoulders as well. Our entire team understands how challenging and confusing litigation can be, which is why we are here for you through every step of the process. Serving all areas of Florida including Orlando, Apopka, Pine Castle, Paradise Heights, Pine Hills, Englewood Beach and more!

Experienced Lake Mary Truck Accident Legal Professionals Who Know How to Win Tough Proceedings

Are you searching for a Truck Accident Attorney near you? If you are injured or hurt, we understand you may not have the ability to visit our offices. If you're unable to come to us, our experts can come to you!

Trial Pro, P.A. represents Floridians in a range of personal injury judicial matters. Our practice areas include all kinds of injuries; automobile accidents, motorcycle collisions, wrongful death lawsuits, slip-and-fall injuries, tractor-trailer collisions, construction injuries and work comp accidents. With offices in Orlando, Tampa, Naples, Brevard County, Melbourne and Fort Myers. Trial Pro, P.A. provides strategic advice and counsel to people in cities such as Longwood, Lake Butler, Eustis, Placida, Estero, Ft. Myers and throughout Florida. Call our law firm for a complimentary and confidential assessment of your case.

People are injured or killed every single day because of wrecks involving large commercial vehicles. Lives are altered for life and families are pushed to deal with the consequences. Truck accidents can take place at any place and at any time. They may involve occupants of other passenger motor vehicles or pedestrians. They can happen on busy freeways or small non-urban roads. Some sources of truck accidents can consist of the type of cars on the road, the actions of the truck chauffeurs, and the natural environment the truck was being used in.

Trial Pro, P.A. has seen and worked with all varieties of truck accident claims. Our Lake Mary truck accident legal professionals have 100+ years of collective experience and have received millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for auto accident clients.

Shortly after a truck accident, it is important to rapidly photograph and document the damage to all trucks involved in the wreck, photograph the car accident scene, get police reports, interview witnesses, and retain accident reconstructionists and other experts when necessary.

Getting involved in any type of motor vehicle accident is bad enough, but when you are involved in a crash that involves a tractor-trailer, semi-truck, eighteen-wheeler, or other commercial car or trucks, the injuries of the accident can be catastrophic. Due to their overall size, weight, and ability to lose control, these large trucks are far more dangerous when involved in an accident. Despite the fact that trucking accidents do not result in fatalities, you and your family could suffer severe injuries, including broken or cracked bones, paralysis, brain injuries, and severed limbs.

Need to file an Accident Claim? Talk with our Expert Lake Mary, Florida Semi-Truck Accident Attorneys Please call our office so we may discuss your case with you - 800-874-2577

If irresponsible truck companies are not held accountable for their acts, they may continue to try to save cost by neglecting very important safety regulations. By standing up to these companies, Trial Pro, P.A. helps to make our roads much safer in Lake Mary, Orlando, Naples, Jacksonville, Ft. Myers, and beyond. We work tirelessly to protect our own clients through our results, which hopefully prevents further tragedies by pressuring dangerous transportation companies to operate safer.

There are a range of causes that a truck can trigger a collision. There are a number of elements that are more frequent than others. Such fall into three general classifications; vehicle driver error, outdoor conditions, and damaged equipment.

Rear end collisions are serious nevertheless if you are rear-ended by a semi, the impact could be so much worse. Trucks normally are considerably bulkier than the regular automobile therefore it's a no-brainer that the bulkier the vehicle, the more severe the wreckage. A large number of eighteen-wheeler weigh over 80,000 pounds. If opposed to the average car or truck weighing just about 4,000 pounds, you can see why a truck collision is a whole lot more hazardous than a typical car accident. Semi-trucks additionally need substantially additional time and distance to fully stop. It requires the typical semi truck about two football field lengths to slow down if they are traveling the speed limit. If you are rear-ended by a commercial truck going about 30 miles per hour, odds are that your auto will be totaled. As a result of the heave weight of the semi truck, the majority of the truck rear end collisions also trigger a domino effect, pushing each auto into the automobile in front of them. Generally this does not occur with standard sized cars but semi trucks are exceptionally bulky and powerful.

A lot of operators of massive semi trucks work long hours and commute thousands of miles all around the nation in a very short time period. They have a deadline and must deliver their payload on time. This produces the motorists to remain awake for more time than the standard human being is used to. Trucks and their chauffeurs are pushed to their limits. Transportation companies require their drivers to be able to transport more and more goods further and further away and actually double the amount of stock the auto is manufactured to carry. These days, truck drivers drive as much as 80 hours weekly, that's two times that of the average person. Extra stress is put on drivers who aren't able to deliver their load in a timely manner, provoking them to have less and less rest every week in order to satisfy their employer's targets. Sleepiness and steering are not a suitable mix. If you don't get as much rest as you need to, your body starts to malfunction and can lead to body aches, loss of cognitive function and delayed reaction among others. Sleep apnea is another concern for eighteen-wheeler drivers. Especially obese drivers. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recommends that each of overweight truck operator be examined for sleep apnea as they found this was one of the most significant root causes of night time truck collisions. If you are driving a vehicle and are sleep deprived, you are more probable to trigger a crash or not have the capacity to react quickly enough to prevent one. Numerous semi trucks come with a sleeping chamber, but the driver still must arrive to their desired destination in time and for that reason; only has a limited time to sleep. When semi truck operators are sleep deprived, they are most likely to fall asleep and diverge their motor vehicle, creating considerable wreckage to vehicles all around them.

If you're rear-ended by a semi truck, odds are that you can be severely injured or hurt. If you are injured, you should always seek emergency medical treatment. Lots of people do not notice the scope of their traumas up till the following day immediately after they wake up in the early morning. After being rear-ended by a 18-wheeler with a full load going the speed limit, most people suffer serious injuries which include brain injury, cracked bones, back fissures and will end up with considerable, long-term injuries. Seat belt marks have been shown in a lot more Tractor-Trailer accidents than ordinary car accidents. As the 18-wheeler is so large and causes a significant impact, most individuals are left behind with seat belt burn impressions on their upper body. These scars vanish as time goes on but are even so remarkably unpleasant. Face lacerations are equally more common in semi truck traffic collisions. Researchers detected this resulted from the considerable impacts when individuals hit their heads on their steering wheels. A large number of Tractor-Trailer accidents are fatal. The 18-wheeler is quite large in comparison with a typical sized auto, even a compact SUV, and when you are hit by that type of power, you could bump your head on the steering wheel, be jostled all over in your car or hit your limbs on the interior of the auto. In some circumstances, the impact was so intense that the driver of the motor vehicle that was rear-ended was basically thrown through the windshield. Seat belts don't always save you. In many instances, individuals were wearing their seat belts and the seat belt in fact gave way, resulting in the front seat drivers and passengers to hit their head on the dash panel, windshield or side windows. Rear end Semi car accidents also have a huge effect on rear seat passengers and they commonly tend to end up with serious spinal injuries.

Among the most typical root cause of truck accidents is operators error. This can vary from gross negligence to basic accidents. Lack of training sessions or experience can trigger poor decision making that results in sudden lane changes, wide turns, and perilous interactions with bridges and roads. Alcohol consumption or drug abuse can hinder a truck driver's ability to drive. Exhaustion and schedule stress can take a real toll on eighteen-wheeler chauffeurs, creating collisions and fatalities.

We Don't Get Paid Unless You Recover

At Trial Pro, our collision attorneys operate on a contingency fee basis. This means our firm cover the expenses of investigating, building, negotiating and litigating your claim. We do not bill you a thing unless we recover compensation on your behalf. If we do not win your case, you will owe us nothing at all.

Our Lake Mary personal injury lawyers also provide no cost assessments to discuss the aspects of your case and determine if you have a case. Set Up a Free Assessment

If you or another person you love has been hurt as a result of someone else's negligence or neglectfulness, you need a good lawyer by your side who is knowledgeable with the statutes and regulations in FL.

Our Lake Mary personal injury legal professionals are experts in personal injury litigation and have been acknowledged by our peers for our achievements. A few of our legal professionals have been classified as Super Lawyers and notable litigators for their accomplishments on behalf of our clients.

We have recovered desirable verdicts and compensations that were instrumental in helping our clients recoup from their personal injuries or the loss of a loved one. Let us help you recover the maximum amount of compensation you deserve for your traumas.

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In addition to traveling directly to our clients, the team at Trial Pro, P.A. also pledges to provide clear advice and regular client communication. We know how vital regular contact with our clients is - we never leave you hanging or delay our responses. 

Lake Mary Truck Accident Lawyer
Lake Mary Truck Accident Lawyer
After experiencing any kind of truck accident, the last thing you desire is to have an attorney at hand that doesn’t know how to represent you adequately. You want a reputable law firm that understands what it takes to win truck accident cases in the courtroom.
Lake Mary Truck Accident Lawyer
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We put our knowledge and legal abilities into action to assist you to attain a positive outcome and ease the legal stress from your shoulders simultaneously. Trial Pro, P.A., holds a reputation for achieving real success for clients. Please leave it to us to fight wisely but aggressively. 
Lake Mary Truck Accident Lawyer
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When you are involved in any type of Truck Accident case in Lake Mary, FL, we understand that it can be a frustrating and scary time, but we promise you that our commitment to you is genuine. Our injury lawyers at Trial Pro, P.A. give you more than you expect from them. We will always strive to meet your expectations by doing everything we can to make them a reality.
Lake Mary Truck Accident Lawyer
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It would help if you didn't have to beg for a call back from your attorney. It would be best if you didn't have to beg for an update on your case. At Trial Pro, P.A., we don't operate in that manner. We constantly call our clients to give them updates on their claims. If we miss a call, we promise always to return it.
Lake Mary Truck Accident Lawyer
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Our objective is to enable our clients to relax and concentrate on healing, recognizing that the legal professionals at Trial Pro, P.A. holds the knowledge and resources to adequately tackle all the legal and financial specifics associated with their dispute.
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Based in Florida, Trial Pro, P.A. represents clients in Lake Mary and across Florida from our offices in Orlando, Naples, Tampa, Ft. Myers, Delray Beach, Melbourne, Jacksonville, and Brevard County. We are dedicated to fully serving you to every degree. We vow to make the entire process of working with us as easy and as stress-free as possible. Therefore, we are more than happy to meet with you at your home, place of employment, hospital room, or other business that you find more convenient. You are always welcome to come into our office as well.

Lake Mary Truck Accident Lawyer
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